Hexawheel concept

There's a new concept car (likely still only in CAD version) about a concept that could be called "active articulated truck". It's the answer to a question I've never heard ("How can a light truck climb a 1.5 m obstacle?"), but it's still interesting.

(I'm not sure whether this is actually a Mercedes Benz concept.)


  1. Yeah, you're right. Totally unnecessary.

    I want one.

  2. M581 GAMA Goat! Everything old is new again...

  3. Nothing new:


  4. I disagree. The Gama goat had a wall climb capability of 460 mm, marginally mroe than its own ground clearance.

    It lacked the active support from the rear axle and the fine-tuned ratio between ground clearance and wheelbase that enables (on paper) the Hexawheel's 1500 mm wall climb capability.

    Articulated vehicles - even all wheel drive vehicles - are nothing new ro special, but Hexawheel adds a trick to the repertoire.


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