One sick entrenchment tool!


It only lacks a mortar functionality (2). ;)


  1. I don't think a spade like this will last long under 24/7 field conditions but for camping etc. it might be quite nice

  2. DemolitionMan12 June 2010 15:38

    90% of the functions shown are what the standard German tool should be able to do too. The wire cutter was the best new addition. Anchor? Shield? LOL, yeah sure. Own experience: 3 days out in the field, 4 ETs had to be replaced in a 12 men squad.

  3. Durability is indeed a problem with many multi-function tools.

    Maybe it takes simply a bit more weight + more expensive materials and processes to make really reliable tools.

  4. Is your answer about the spade or the chinese grunts? (Just kidding)

  5. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=D0-P9nPBRas&feature=related

    Most of those things can easily be done by a normal two-joint foldable military spade/E-tool. The one Fiskars makes is very decent as it has a better grip, lighter weight (maybe), compacter size, is mode durable and comes with guarantee not to die on you in the field. Used it during my service and was spectacular.

    About the "knife" -esque functions of that thing I only have to say this: After digging a foxhole in muddy earth, do you either use A your E-tool or B your bayonet to slice up a potato? Thought so...
    Besides, most decent bayonets come with a wire-cutter that is electrically insulated, unlike that spade where if the wire carried current, the operator would be fried.

    Furthermore, the spade is very flat in profile and the fact it can be sharpened to a point where it can be used as a knife says a lot about its carbon percentage and material strength ie. it's going to break when its cold and you hit a stone with it.

    I chewed through permafrost with my Fiskars...


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