A fairy tale: Mr. IsNoGood - all kippers and curtains

Once upon a time (actually not that long ago) in a distant country (not that distant), there was Mr. IsNoGood with an idea: He had a rich family, a title of nobility and an urge to become a top politician.
He also had a problem; he was no good. He slogged his way through university while being hyper-active in politics. His degree wasn't convincing, so he sought a doctor title, but he was no good and has no time.

Years later, he had worked his way up in his political party with lots of wheeling and dealing. Finally, he even became a top politician - and immediately turned into a media whore.

The media people were happy with it for a long time - good times.

Mr. IsNoGood wasn't satisfied. There was little if anything he did on the job that made him shine, save for media whoring - so he kept doing exactly that. One day, he did too much. It was even too much for the journalists, well beyond good taste.

Then IsNoGood has to learn what it looks like when the media slaughters the cow that gives them milk. It would probably not have been too bad if he hadn't written a copy and paste dissertation, copying even texts published by newspaper journalists!

Now Mr. IsNoGood has no top political office any more, and only the least reputable so-called newspaper (which has no shame itself) is still his friend.

All's well that ends well.

Well, at least the media didn't keep this nonsense alive forever, but wouldn't it be nice to have (again) a really competent minister of defence for a change?


Coincidentally, the German minister of defence resigned today.
Now comes the really funny part: Mr. Westerwelle, our minister for foreign affairs, is interim minister of defence. He's a well-known gay. Now that's going to produce some funny moments with Americans! :-)


  1. I am afraid you got his name wrong. It is spelled Iznogoud. And although he wants to be the Caliph, he has yet again proven that he will never get there.

  2. I know him as Isnogud, but I meant someone else.

  3. You know, in Italy things would have ended in a different way…