by Maggie Koerth-Baker, Boing Boing blog

Almost the whole March 21 episode of the
"Daily Show with Jon Stewart"
for being extremely funny and pretty close to reality.

for being hilarious and well-deserved. The last episodes of the show were great (here's the full last one).
A politically incorrect (in Germany) official 1980's booklet of the German army. It was revised, re-named and re-issued a few years ago and drew again PC criticism. I didn't get the criticism even on this original booklet. You should either maintain an army and prepare it properly or you disarm. There should be no tax money-wasting middle way (the PC criticism seems to have come from people who agree with this because they favour disarmament).
The booklet is an excellent source on the soldier's basic competencies for everyone who can read German texts.
edit: Almost forgot it
The Civil War that killed Cholera (almost)
by Charles Kenny



  1. Cool, that Daily Show "Freedom packages" segment made my day. Thanks Sven. Best sum-up of US foreign policies of the last two decades I've ever seen. On the spot.
    Could you upload the "Kriegsnah ausbilden" pdf to a filehoster? Am not interested in registering there yet don't wanna miss on this one.

  2. I didn't upload it at iscribe, nor do I need the PDF because I managed to get a copy from ebay years ago.