Topics under preparation

This is what I'm planning to write about in the next weeks. Feel free to contribute info or texts if you think you can:

Nagamaki (the weapon)

Hs 123 (the aircraft type)

RHS Giorgios Averoff (the ship)

Modern Austrian defence policy/strategy

Fall Blau ('Case blue')

Finnish infantry tactics and original features

German security policy blogs and milblogs (a list)

Back in 2007, I planned to get some others on board, to join the blog as regularly contributing authors - but they were all weary of writing. In the end, I contributed a few times to blogs of other people instead.
It has become obvious over time that my idea of a good milblog is rather unique and thus I gave up the idea of regularly contributing authors, but I'm fine with tips and some help in research, especially when there are language barriers keeping me away from the best sources on a topic.




  1. Svenn -

    All those subjects you listed will make interesting posts. I cannot contribute much but will be a fascinated reader.

    A biography of Mountbatten mentioned the Averoff at Crete, but just a sentence or two as I recall.

    'Fall Blau', I think, would require a series of posts instead of just one. I hope you will report on some of Hitler's allied units during that operation, to include not only the Romanians but also Hungarians, Italians, Scandinavians, Slovaks and Croats. And how about the Volga Germans with the Brandenburgers and also the Crimean Tatars? I have not been able to find any references here in the States on those units.

    Reinhard Gehlen in his memoirs claims to have known before Fall Blau of the remaining 7.5 million men in the Soviet military despite the millions of prior Soviet casualties. But his warning went unheeded. That may (or may not) have been a self-serving attempt to build up his reputation after the war. He also claims that he predicted the time and place of the Soviet counteroffensive that shattered 3rd and 4th Romanian Armies which resulted in encirclement of the 6th Army.

  2. My vote is for the Finns and the He-123...

  3. @mike;
    Fall Blau would be about the basic strategic idea and priorities, not much about the execution.

    I'll wait with the Hs 123 post till a German journal publishes an article on it on 2011-04-18. it would be too unfortunate to rely on the other sources and then find a piece of info refuted by an article just a few days later...

  4. I am very curios of the austrian defence post. Maybe you can discus the relation and the difference to the defence concept of Horst Afheldt and C.F. Weizsäcker.

  5. Hi Sven,

    Not an expert on Finnish infantry tactics (I know all of the bigger picture thinking, if it is about WW2, or later)... so if you have a gap with some source that is only in Finnish, I can help (curiously, as I am a Finn).

    Cheers, ACC

  6. Feel free to contact me at lastdingo@gmx.de