Results of my little poll


Testing my readers:
What do you want me to blog about?

overall voters: 109 

Strategy 62 (56%)
Weird military theories 60 (55%)
Military History! 57 (52%)

Tanks! 45 (41%)
Ongoing Wars! 45 (41%)
$$$ and the military 38 (34%)
Ships! 37 (33%)
Aircraft! 36 (33%)
Bikini girls with big (g)uns! 34 (31%)

Civil rights stuff 16 (14%)
Funny videos! 8 (7%)

Almost nobody seems to like my funny video embeds. I'm shattered.

The rejection of the civil rights stuff was surprisingly strong, too.
What's the point of defending freedom against foreign powers if you don't maintain freedom at home?

Bikini girls was not a serious option (even though I decorated two or three blog posts with reduced clothes girls).



  1. I don't think that people dislike the funny vids but they shouldn't become the focus of the blog (that was at least my reson for not checking the box for funny vids)

  2. hi SO. i actually voted for ongoing wars but all your posts are definitely appreciated - including the funny vids and the bikini girls with big guns. what's the use of all this if one can not laugh once in a while... peace!

  3. I tend to only read this at work, and youtube is, noticed.
    If its a vid that proves a point, like demonsterating extremely poor infantry tactics or such, fair enough, thats cool, I can always watch when I get home.

    "The rejection of the civil rights stuff was surprisingly strong, too.
    What's the point of defending freedom against foreign powers if you don't maintain freedom at home?"
    That ones easy, I'm not a German, long and short of it, dont really care how many forms *you* need to fill in to take a leak.
    Its moderatly interesting, but of little interest to me.

  4. Regarding your comment about freedom at home and defending freedom: When discussing "defending freedom against foreign powers", I am not really interested in the freedom part. It is definitely an important subject for WHY we fight, but I have a much greater interest in HOW we fight.

  5. Agree, but as a Libyan army soldier today - would the "how" be your prime concern?

  6. When answering the poll I had the ratio of the answers in mind, instead of just yes/no.

    And about the civil rights stuff...
    I am (more) interested in it but from a different perspective (more about exploring fundamental principles) than what is presented in this blog.

    Both theory and practice, the why and the how etc. are important and form one whole. (I think) most people are just interested in the different aspects of the whole at different times.

    I also think the freedom-&-defense relationship kind of relates to your blog post about the Pareto principle. It would take too long to precisely explain this but I think you get the idea.
    Usually the more important areas that are responsible for 80% of the results only get 20% of the attention. That is ok as long as it doesn't drop to 0%. And that 80% of less important stuff in someway is essential for that 20% of highly important stuff to be effective.

    So essentially it is about balance.
    Sometimes this means symmetry 50/50. Other times it is more about finding some "golden-ratio" ±3/5. And other times it is more about the 80-20 rule. There are more possible ratio's of course.

  7. Hi Sven,

    I think you should stick with the civil rights, though as Saif suggested, perhaps start from some basic principles. The civil rights pieces you write are good though speaking for myself I find it hard to sometimes put them in context.

  8. 'Almost nobody seems to like my funny video embeds. I'm shattered.'

    Hey, I liked them! Especially the one about modern ignorance in america, haha, its so true. You know, my offer to inform you on the matters of 9/11 (the thermite/plasma charges [I.E, US Patent 5532449], and the flight termination system) still stands? Just putting it out there...

  9. Hi Sven,
    I totally agree on the defence and freedom relation but there are many well written and thoughtful blogs on freedom and civil-rights. Blogs on strategy from a german perspective on there other hand...ehm...