German (language) security policy and military blogs

This time I used a very loose definition and also list some inactive blogs. Swiss and Austrian blogs were also included this time. The definition of "blog" in use was furthermore rather loose:

The usual bloggers are former generals, politicians, journalists or political scientists.



  1. "The usual bloggers are former generals, politicians, journalists or political scientists."

    That's interesting, since here in Sweden most are active duty officers and soldiers, most of which write under pseudonym. There are also a couple of politicians and academics, but the officers really dominate.

    I'd also like to ask about the structure of the german mil-blogosphere, is there any single one which acts as a node for the rest? Is there a sense of community (e.g. by linking to each other) or do they rather compete for readers?

  2. I'm not aware of any such node.

    Blogging isn't a very popular thing in Germany, the scene is small and even tiny in this niche.

    There's maybe one central Milblog that gets most attention, comparable to DangerRoom, but more news-y than gadget-fixated; Augengeradeaus.
    The previous main military blog was geopowers, which originated in iirc 2001. The author died suddenly a year ago and I've got an aversion against the attempts to revive the brand.

    Airpower.at has a larger role as a popular military aviation blog in Germany, Austria and Switzerland.

    The Transatlantik-something people were invited by NATO to select bloggers for a blogger roundtable and the result was that several Transatlantik-something 'bloggers' and journalist or PR-interested bloggers were invited. I didn't even manage to identify most invited 'bloggers' as such.

    My early attempts to identify a German MilBlog scene were apparently not the only ones with difficulties.

    Some blogs link to each other in Germany, but that's not a strong bond.

  3. Thanks for the link, Sven! :-)