Afghanistan madness

The long duration of the Afghanistan war, the endurance of the Taleban, the lack of progress and the miraculously still not entirely cut supply line through Taliban territory - there's a lot that can make you wonder about the Afghanistan war.

There are answers, though. Sometimes new information becomes publicly available that explains the war (and why it's incredibly pointless):

"Taleban tax: allied supply convoys pay their enemies for safe passage"

We should end this stupid war, not feed it. It could go on for decades like this and not deliver any advantage for us. We survived a communist Vietnam as well.

Sven Ortmann


  1. Why is it any concern of yours, Germany isn't involved in any meaningful or useful way in Afghanistan.

    As long as their beer gets through, the Bundeswehr will be fat and contented in their kasernes. We'll keep them safe for you.


  2. It's already doing too much.

    I wonder why you're here if you like such superficial and misleading information as in the article (there are much longer & better articles n the subject).

  3. Because when it comes to superficial and misleading information, this blog reigns über alles?

  4. Unpleasant news are not necessarily misleading news.