Some eye candy for a change; MBB Bo 105 low level aerobatics

This helicopter's rotor head design (much less moving parts and maintenance requirements, better agility) was a revolution for helicopter technology in the 1960's.

This rotor head technology is still not dominant in military aviation because helicopter designs of the 70's still prevail. The S-70 that won the UTTAS competition (UH-60 BlackHawk) uses the outdated rotor head design, for example. Its competitor YUH-61 used the superior semi-rigid system of composite construction system like the Bo 105.


  1. Well, you will have to forgive Sikorsky, they are not quite as good as you are in designing helicopters.

  2. Your comments was more low level than the helicopter in the video.

    I didn't sign the text because the critique is more than 30 years old now - and well-known among those who are interested in helicopter aviation.

  3. Amazing!

    If you'd like to have a close look on a BO 105 rotor head - just visit my blog.

    Once I knitted a pullover (photograph is on my blog, too) with a BO 105, because I really love that Helicopter.

    Best regards from Germany