About this blog: Visitors

This is a (cut) graphic of Statcounter details about the last 500 visitors.

Statcounter provides only this kind of chart for free, no matter whether I had 500 visitors total or 500 million in the last hour. 500 is actually a bit more than a day's traffic here.
I've cut the graph at 1% of visitors (5) to shorten it - a long row of smaller figures makes little sense.

Germany and the U.S. are obviously the most important countries of origin (and the relation between the German and U.S. visitor numbers varies a lot). 16 German visits are actually mine because Statcounter's blocking cookie doesn't work anymore.

Ireland is usually not that much represented in this kind of statistic.
Estonia is strangely over-represented as always, and (cut out) Malawi (a small Southern African country) is always over-represented as well. Someone sitting there seems to visit the blog daily.
Btw: Hello to Malawi.

This is a graphic about the development of page loads this year, from week one to 22.

It was a good year so far.
The pushing effect of getting mentioned in posts on other blogs is clearly visible - just like a fading effect afterward. It's also visible how writing more often has pushed the page loads up.
That seem to be quite essential recipes for blogging.

Sven Ortmann

P.S.: The petition against internet censorship ends today. It got 128,135 signatures so far. That's as far as I know a record, even more than a heavily media-sponsored petition for a lower gasoline tax (previous record afaik).
128,000 people signed to protect freedom despite the obvious risk of being accused to protect pedophiles. Even political correctness didn't prevent that.


  1. hey Sven

    great blog, proud Irish reader here =)

  2. In Estonia, your blog was placed in one of our military forums. Many people had bookmarked it, i think. I, atleast, did :).
    Good job, thank you.