Pat Lang on the wars in Iraq (and Afghanistan)


The US generals do not seem to understand yet that their presence and the presence of our forces are not desired in Iraq. And this from the Shia dominated government that we "purple fingered" into existence and defended against the Sunni Arab insurgents that we later brought over to our side and are now gradually abandoning.

Let's see---

They don't want our forces in the country. They don't want to be "allied" to us an any meaningful way.

They still loathe the Israelis and would never, NEVER accept the idea of the US cooperating with Israel against Iran in any way that invloves their territory or facilities.

They pursue their age old pursuit of private gain at public expense. Reform? Sure, "why not?" they would say.

The OIL? We can buy it at market prices like everyone else.

What did we gain in Iraq? Tell me. I am reminded of all the clever, self-serving people who told me six months or a year into this fiasco that whatever had been the narrative leading to the Iraq War, we were "in it now." All you geniuses who said that, how do you feel about the narrative in Afghanistan?

Source: Sic Semper Tyrannis

It sounds like an old theme of mine: Most wars are simply a failure; their gains are often not worth their costs.

That doesn't keep everyone from promoting them nevertheless. And frequent readers of this blog know how I think about those who do that.

Sven Ortmann

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  1. Our soldiers die to allow use to say what we feel. I do not feel as if I am personally in danger from an Iraqi. I don't feel my freedom is in danger. The only danger I feel is from my own government. The rich meet in board rooms and the poor meet on the battlefield. I assure you that their are very few rich soldiers dieing on either side of this conflict. People keep eluding to some alleged freedom our soldiers are fighting for. Is the United States in charge of all freedom in the world ?