Finally, pigs can fly!

I had a suspicion I wouldn't see it in my lifetime: Camouflage has arrived on boots.

At least one army is finally doing a troops testing with camo boots - the Canadians (they've also been a bit innovative in regard to camo patterns a few years ago). Maybe there were earlier tests, but not to my knowledge.

Camouflaged boots were available for hunters (quite brownish) and as civilian pop fashion boots (impractical).

OK, maybe we can scratch boots from the "not really camouflaged yet" list. What else?

Weapons (at least rifles) are increasingly being camouflaged, at least in war zones. The good old sniper rifle and white winter camouflage isn't alone any more. Spray-painted (factory and self-made) rifles have been in use for years. Again, hunters and civilians with a faible for camo patterns seem to lead.

Helmet (night sight) mounts; there are camouflage-printed textile covers to hide these at daylight.

I haven't seen heavy infantry weapons (machine guns, AT weapons) - in real camo colours or pattern yet. Grey, black, brown wood - nothing else yet as far as I know.

Kneepads. Some kneepads are camouflaged, but many aren't (see photo). Their wide-spread use by ground forces is a relatively new (few years) story any way.

Weapon sights and other weapon accessoires; rarely if ever seriously camouflaged (snipers excluded). This includes the need for anti-reflection devices (either improvised or bought).

Gloves; many different gloves are available with a camouflage pattern, but simple colour (black, grey or brown) gloves still seem to be more widely used.

- - - - -

This camouflaging of small individual equipment items makes sense, but let's let's not forget that printed camo patterns aren't the real deal. The real deal are disorderly 3D camouflage items.




  1. Am I the only one that noticed that these soldiers haven't used any camo sticks on their faces? It also looks like two of them are wearing sunglasses.

  2. The goggles may be ballistic/laser protective goggles as these have become popular in Western army procurement since the 90's.

    The lacking face camo is probably due to this being a staged photo. The Canadian flag patch, dark weapons, kneepads, bright yellow blank cartridge devices and blue something on one of them are more camo sins.

  3. Don't forget that camo condoms have been available for years.

  4. The Canadian Army has been looking at using CADPAT boots for a few years. They have not seen widespread adoption as the pattern wears quickly and they can`t be polished. Our new leather combat gloves are now CADPAT as well.

    The C7A2 rifle now has green furniture, as are the knee pads. Further when not in garrison, green or tan flag patches are used.

  5. But how will we polish the boots for garrison parades?? The horrors... the horrors... I suppose we could get the soldiers to buy multiple pairs of boots, though.