Quote of the (yester)day

And the award for best quote of the (yester)day goes to ...
shared by the commenters DomS and Mat at the British MilBlog Think Defence!

“we are increasingly irrelevant to the US as an ally, I can see them calling on India next time”

Phew. Thank god for that. Although heaven help the Indians.



  1. in respect of boots on the ground, i agree, but there is more to being a capable and useful ally than sustaining combat brigades in distant and dusty lands.

    an argument made in greater detail here:


  2. Sven,

    this is OT, but you don't have an email out here (or I'm too dumb to find it). Anyway, read this:

    Poison I say! Und IM Erika is verrueckt. The U.S. schueren Spannungen mit Russland in Europa to keep their influence on the continent. Poison! And sure a topic for your blog.

  3. It is self-evident that NATO needs a defence plan (that's really its job!).
    The Russian army has most liekly a plan for teh defence of St.Petersburg against Finland, no matter how unnecessarythat may be.

    The assertions that the same did not exist (until a few months ago when plannings did supposedly begin - the leak wasn't breaking news in this regard) was quite unacceptable.

    I signed my early posts with my name as e-mail link, but edited at least some of those links out in an attempt to reduce spam.

    The foreign influence inside the EU will be a small sub-topic in a later, huge blog post on German security policy.

    Besides; could you please stop that IM Erika stuff? Ad hominem is poor style.