Some good stuff from other blogs

...after complaining about them in general.

"No wonder we need a $700 billion defense budget: some of us are planning strike operations at the hint of an anti-American plan."

"Why I Published US Intelligence Secrets About Israel's Anti-Iran Campaign"

"Which begs the question: What, exactly, is the purpose of ISAF reports in the first place? Is ISAF seriously going on record to say that the data that they are making public cannot be relied upon? If analysts cannot build arguments out of the “basic, factual information” that ISAF is providing, why provide it at all?"

"Die de facto unabhängige Region Somaliland schafft es auf erstaunliche Weise, relative Sicherheit und Stabilität zu gewährleisten. Und doch wird der Enklave auch nach ihrem 20-jährigen Bestehen die Abspaltung von Somalia verwehrt."



  1. just read from this blog. ''tachesdhuile.blogspot.com'' there views are quite interesting, the comment's portray that every act against america must be reacted to in the most aggressive way possible. Another article on that blog was about women going onto the front lines, it would be interesting to know your view as I don't care as long as they can pass all the physical and mental tests

  2. Let's have 100% identical requirements for everything no matter man, woman or gay. Then we can bear the risk associated with the novelty (the effect on cohesion is unknown).

    I'm clueless about how to counter the issue of 'sudden' pregnancy in case of deployment to a risky mission, though. I doubt that we could require contraception or hand out fees for pregnancy even in wartime, for our constitution (article 1?) would likely prohibit that. The total absence from the service might be reduced to a few months in an emergency, though.

  3. No I think a mandatory contraception could be used as an operational requirement. However I doubt it would be needed as I would hope the soldiers would be mature enough not to warrant its use. Thats what education is there for.

  4. I think you misunderstand the issue.

    Many women in uniform get intentionally pregnant when they're about to be deployed in order to avoid the deployment. They're basically just playing soldier, not being one.

    That's somewhat understandable as long as the deployments are about stupid political-military adventures, but it might be a problem in great wars as well.