[Fun] Asymmetry


This was and is actually a very common issue, and very often the key reason for why armed conflicts last long: Opposing forces often enjoy relative advantages in different environments and spend time and resources while trying to entice or coerce the enemy into fighting at an environmentally-induced disadvantage.
British Sea Harrier pilots preferred air combat at lower altitudes than Argentinian Mirage pilots, for example. Mechanized forces usually prefer combat on terrains with hard soil and medium lines of sight, while infantry prefers combat (against mechanized forces) on terrains with short lines of sight and many obstacles. Torpedo boats preferred combat at night, battleships at day.

This asymmetry may even serve to protect peace: One power may prefer to fight a war only under certain circumstances, while its rival may prefer to fight only under different circumstances. Peace-preferring third parties should then strive to prevent either set of circumstances (avoid allying with either power when all they're missing is enough allied military power, for example).

We understand this quasi instinctively. The challenge is to make use of it consciously.


P.S.: Name me one other Milblog which fuses military theory, foreign policy and superhero comic fun like this. :)

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