[Fun] MSM news

I don't think what I wrote yesterday is ripe for prime time, so instead you may enjoy this:

As so often, German media isn't quite as extreme as this parody (would be horrible otherwise), but it's also showing plenty signs that "news" are more entertainment than news. Some channels seem to treat their news segments as mere fig leafs to meet some minimum obligation, preferring to de facto advertise for later shows or products over actual journalism.

(video replaced by link because it autostarted)

The dissatisfaction with mainstream media "news" presentation that led to this kind of parody appears to be on the rise (not for the first time). Jon Stewart skewers the MSM news quite often and Krugman et al complained recently about how the media reports about politics instead of policy (about the show, not the substance*) and how those who overrate  politics may become too ignorant about the substance, and especially about what researchers have long since learned about the issues at hand.

In case you wonder; yes, I think a purposeful, functional press (Fourth Estate) is important to freedom.


*: Or worse, reporting about the reporting about the politics.Or the reporting about the reporting about the politics.

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