Trucks, soft soil and ice


Criticism of wheeled military vehicles' soft soil mobility has been in high gear since the ominous Stryker development more than a decade ago. Let's remember that "it depends". Soft soil is no insurmountable problem if there's hard soil beneath and your vehicle can reach that deep down due to high-enough ground pressure, high ground clearance (and has enough power and hard soil grip to overcome the resistance of the soft soil).

The video about Arctic trucking should be interesting to those who expect 'hot' conflicts over Arctic resources. I'm not Canadian, Danish or Norwegian, so I think that's basically a non-issue. Let's see if the NBC self-decontamination sprinklers (countermeasure wash down system) on our warships can make good use of antifreeze to prevent incapacitating icing and that should be satisfactory for the "Arctic warfare" scenario for the time being.

Countermeasure wash down system in action

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