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A link drop relevant to Defence and Freedom topics, in no particular order:

Debrief: A Complete History of U.s. Aerial Engagements - 1981 to the Present
This book isn't anywhere in a single German library, and thus unavailable to me for interlending.
I seriously consider to donate a copy to a library.

(Stanley Baldwin should have asked Canada to enact a Nickel embargo)

(one example of the gems in there)

(basically naval chaff, could appear in 'multispectral' smoke on land as well)

The Great Model 8 and 81
(This could have been an excellent quick fire carbine in WWI, especially with Spitzer bullet)

Before The Sturmgewehr: Assault Rifle Developments Prior to 1942

'B' - the flying car
(drive/VTOL drone concept)

SAM simulator
(exactly was it says)

Battle Report #10: Rossbach and Leuthen 1757
(A very nice summary of mid-18th century European land warfare state of the art)

Lorenzoni Repeating Flintlock Pistol
Girardoni Air Gun

Machine Guns vs DRONES - In real life

MMC Husqvarna Army Automatic
(proven Swedish snow-ready motorcycle)

Legal but not fair (Hungary)
(Hungary is slipping away from democracy, and almost everybody in Europe knows. There's much to learn from Hungary - in order to avoid a repeat)

It began with a Lie
(5 Parts TV documentary on Kosovo Air War propaganda/warmongering)

ground report: Motorcycles used as force multiplier in Afghanistan
(This clearly was beyond the horizon of large Western armed bureaucracies, though the small Lithuanian army's light infantry ('special forces') did this successfully.)

Acemoglu/Robinson: What's the problem with (Spanish) Catalunya?
On the birth of nationalism and conflict

YouGov: Umfrage: Deutsche wollen kein größeres militärisches Engagement

Sukhoi Test Pilot explains 'Supermaneuverability'

Wired: German Official: U.S. Spying ‘Biggest Strain’ in Relations Since Iraq War

Kurfürst - The Messerschmitt Bf 109 performance site

Heinkel He 100
(I didn't know there was a video of it, but the Japanese preserved one! Britain was so lucky it never entered mass production; its speed and range would have been devastating over South England in 1940.)

Forum thread on late Mirage 5 series
 (It's amazing how much these first Mach 2 generation airframes were adaptable later on.)

NYTimes: The Biology of Risk

Yes, this link drop is in part a compensation for my laziness regarding real, text-heavy, blog posts. 

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