Researchers Easily Slipped Weapons Past TSA’s X-Ray Body Scanners

Andy Greenberg, Wired

As with so many supposed "counter-terrorism" or "pro-security" efforts proved to be useless, gone awry or plain harmful, nobody will be held accountable. To be pro-"security" is a no-lose position, and there's hardly ever a rollback of failures or a decimation of inflated "security" bureaucracies. That's by slice by slice we slide deeper into a mess in which "security" is overrated and faked, while civil liberties are being perforated more and more.



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  1. I always wondered if it would be possible to hijack a plane with 5 people that are unarmed but thoroughly trained in martial arts. I bet you can get something weapon-like out of the catering tools in the back of the plane or simply overwhelm the crew. I already travelled via plane twice with autonomous soccer robots in metal cases. Each time the customs people would check everything for explosives with some chemicals, but since they did not understand the parts, we could easily take everything into the plane. It would have been easy to hide something dangerous amongst the other tech-stuff. All these security measures only go so far when you have unmotivated underpaid people operating them.