German police and firearms use

Do you remember how I proudly cited official statistics about how few (dozens) shots German police fired at humans in a whole year?

Well, we can forget about those statistics. The police statistic is proved to lie now.

Allegedly, the police forces in Germany fired only 85 shots in anger (other than against animals) during 2011, 36 of which aimed at people (the others warning shots).

It turns out that a single SEK ('SWAT') unit alone fired 109 shots at one suspect during 2011 within seconds.

And I may add, the video shows an astonishing degree of incompetence (one policeman running backwards during the firefight, including the then-inevitable stumbling).

Oh, yeah - and they lied about what happened (trying to get the suspect incarcerated) until the video surfaced.

Well, these news suck.


edit 2016: This SWAT team had been disbanded in the meantime, to be re-established with new personnel apparently.

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