UK likely to give up freedom of speech, press, religion

The Conservatives have won the UK elections, and elections have consequences:

They would include a ban on broadcasting and a requirement to submit to the police in advance any proposed publication on the web and social media or in print. The bill will also contain plans for banning orders for extremist organisations which seek to undermine democracy or use hate speech in public places, but it will fall short of banning on the grounds of provoking hatred.
It will also contain new powers to close premises including mosques where extremists seek to influence others.

In essence, advocating any ideas or working for any political outcomes regarded by British politicians as “extremist” will not only be a crime, but can be physically banned in advance.

The UK cannot be considered "democratic" because of the unelected House of Lords (and the First-past-the-post voting system for the House of Commons) anyway, but this new policy looks more obviously like an attack on basic rights.

Anti-civil rights policies are prominently being pushed in France, Britain* and Hungary, but so far the public maintains the illusion that only Hungary is drifting away from democracy.
Germany is at risk because of the conservatives in power, but the legislative branch and public pressure keep the march into a more autocratic state slow. It's two steps forwards, one step backwards here.



Disclosure: It's possible to ban both organized crime and anti-constitution organizations (even parties) in Germany. This happened to the communist party in the 50's and to quite a lot of obvious Neonazi groups so far, in addition to actual organized crime and terrorist organizations. This is a simple ban, which dissolves the organization and takes its possessions and outlaws the foundation of a successor organization. It's not about censorship of the press. The bar is quite high and the recent effort to get the current far right NPD party banned failed.

*: "Funny" how having nukes does totally not help against being fearful.

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