[blog] Delayed post

I announced I would write about future dismounted AT tactics, but that draft grew wildly and out of control. It'll take some time to sort the thoughts and get the writing done in a readable way.

Turns out, the non-material aspect of the topic is much bigger than the material aspect, in part because I forgot to make the history section part I. Another reason is the wide range of different terrains and missions that call for different tactics - both popular ones and stuff that I make up.

The only reason why I pay so much attention to this fanboi-infested topic is that AFVs are a key requirement for rapid manoeuvre under most (European) circumstances are such a big deal, and the topic mingles that with the infantry side of the story. That's two legs of the infantry-artillery-tanks triad in one post, ranging from past to future. Maybe it was overambitious for the blog format.



  1. I have faith that you can do it even if it hast to be broke up into several different posts. I for one feel your information is well worth reading. I appreciate all that you share on here very much. Thank You for all of the hard work you do!

  2. It`s great intelectual exercise and - of course - you always need to do something positive and constructive in historical situations like this.

    Baltics, Poland and may be even now completely isolated Rumania (but not without assistance) can give some resistance to Russian expansion. Other coutries in Central and Eastern Europe than aforementioned will probably fall to Russians one by one without fight, because of lack of the will to defend real independence and liberty.

    Still, you can cover classical North German invasion corridor - at least if French president will be Juppé and not Le Pen allied to Moscow (then you have classical two fronts problem etc.).