[Fun] This weather sucks


To be fair, the German air force security companies that I saw had a habit of jogging in the rain.


  1. Sven, is it normal for most men in the luftwaffe to have the level of familiarity that you do with land warfare? I keep forgetting that you were once a flyboy, because you don't act anything like most air force jocks.

    1. I don't think that my range of interests is representative of any large group.

      I'm coming from the direction of military history (which is encompassing all domains but space), which is a much richer background than having been in one or two army branches such as (arty or logistics) as background.

      I have yet to see any expert from one army branch being an expert on all or even only most army branches.

      Furthermore, I haven't been indoctrinated in Heer doctrine, so I was open for study of doctrine from different eras and different countries. The mind-closing effect of relentless indoctrination is easily underestimated. Very few minds can endure it and still have outside the box ideas of their own. Most retreat to the comfortable doctrine that they learnt and were told to be great. They bitch instead about its imperfect application in practice.