2016 blog stats


I have no particular idea why the blog visitor stats went up after long stagnation, but the website host insists they did. Statcounter (traditionally) doesn't agree at all, but it had an obvious, trust-destroying glitch:

So what may ahev caused this wave of additional visits?
November saw 19 posts, December a mere 10 - that's rather slow blogging. I skipped a couple military, errorism and civil liberties topics that I would have blogged about without the holidays.

Maybe it was the light AT defences series that drove up visitor stats? Doubtful, since the lightweight equipment and MEADS/TLVS alternatives articles are the only November articles still ranking in the top ten most read articles of December.
The website host's stats  didn't point out any huge spikes in referring links, so that's not the reason either. 

Maybe it's simply that confrontational foreign policy and thus concerns about future wars among developed nations made more people interested in a non-hawkish blog on military affairs. From that angle I wish I had less visitors.


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