Executive Suite (1954) final scene

This scene is from a 62 years old movie:

I think it's an extremely smart and well-written classic that holds the explanation for the ailments that made a disgruntled "rust belt" tip the scales in November.

It's too sad that people again fell for a liar who blamed foreigners and minorities for homemade problems. This hasn't happened for the first time, the people will pay for their stupidity as in all other cases before, and there will be more cases in the future. It's too bad that history studies are perceived as boring and uninteresting by students and neglected by school authorities.


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  1. Interesting, I should take a look at this movie...

    And I agree with the punchline, I've always been a fan of medium companies, especially run by old school businessmen ("smart families") who didn't feel the need to raise payout to ever exceeding levels. (After all what more does your family need once you've got a fortune of 100 million dollars or so)

    But then the question is raised how many such companies exist anymore...