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A large navy should occasionally have experimental ships, but the article's emphasis on the XQ-58 is ill-advised. Such drones have little ability to penetrate defended airspace on their own, little ability to find and identify semi-stationary or mobile land targets, and its payload is really small. Furthermore, outranging those land-based anti-ship missiles by a bit only puts targets close to some strips of coastline in range. An air war against China would either be about attacks on its sea and air power or in a more ambitious scenario a campaign against its electrical power network (particularly powerplant turbines) might also be worthwhile. This requires much deeper strikes. The vastly better alternative would be to focus on a distant naval blockade and defence of Japan/Taiwan, of course.

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This is very similar to Germany in the 1880-1914 and 1920-1932 period and also very similar to modern sub-Saharan African politics.




  1. The US is the most influential democracy. When they have contentious issues, voter turnout is high and politics turn violent. The current higher voter turnout might be the beginning of another time of troubles. Trump is the Republican candidate who increased voter turn out for his party, which makes it likely that he and his ideas will have an impact in the future. At some point in the near future someone with the mindset of Trump is going to be back as president. Do you think the partnership with Europe can survive this or are the US and Europe going to end their cooperation?

    1. European policies are 95% on autopilot. There is very little change. Catastrophic event sin the U.S. may be able to avert new cooperation, but the North Atlantic Treaty would likely persist.