Accidents in warfare


There will be a couple severe malfunctions of guided munitions that stray a long distance from their intended target if you launch thousands of them.

The cruise missile that hit Poland while being aimed at Ukraine was an exhibit of this fact.

Likewise, there will be a couple severe malfunctions if you launch thousands of unguided rockets that were mafe under shoddy circumstances.

It is thus not surprising if and when some munition hits a taboo location in Gaza - a school, hospital or a hotel packed with international reporters.

It's in that conflict very unlinely that either party would do such a thing intentionally in Gaza, but it is a risk that both parties accept.

The only really interesting part of a story about a hospital, school or hotel hit by a munition is this risk acceptance in my opinion. You can blame a party for accepting risk, but it's foolish to blame it for bad luck.


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  1. That's right.

    But if USA in all its military adventures has been extensively remarking the precision of all its guided munitions now is a hard sell to the public to state that they sometimes fail.