Guns are (apparently) very sexy!

... sexy enough to not even need a chick for success!

A few days ago, on 23rd, I blogged about the first heavy calibre machinegun. This particular model isn't well-documented in the WWW or in books, and I blogged about it simply because I like to point out neglected or underestimated stuff.
The blog post wasn't the normal gun documentation, though. I attempted to put the gun in context and point out how important it could have been.

This blog post followed a period of increased visitor activity which was likely caused by a few links and an improved rate of blogging on my part.
Then happened the unexpected (yes, it was still unexpected despite all my previous experiences); the machine gun text plus a link to it at the Firearms Blog pushed this blog beyond 1,000 visitors in a day for the very first time (previous record was 991). In fact, it even reached 1,065 and 1,105 visitors on two days in a row.

It's incredibly frustrating. There are so many blogs and websites about hardware around, and it' really no wonder: That's what almost the whole audience seems to want. Trying to be smart, uncover some background stuff, tactics & operational art, military history - these topics don't have remotely the same attention as simple guns, guns, guns.

If you want to start a MilBlog with many visitors simply focus on guns, tanks, aircraft, ships and bigger guns. It's a foolproof plan.



  1. Don't worry Sven, we regular visitors wouldn't have it any other way. Defence and Freedom is one of the few blogs that genuinely explores the full spectrum of military theory and history and analyses it objectively and intelligently, without the ubiquitous hardware or nationalistic prejudices. Thats why I keep coming back

  2. Just remind yourself that while your blog may not attract a mass audience (your traffic is still ten times the size of mine) you're going for the high quality readers.

    Anyway, your site's great. Keep it up.

  3. But, "The granddaddy of heavy calibre machine guns" is such a good title. Take credit for that, anyway.

    Whether it's guns,guns,guns or Air Power! Air Power!, they are aspects of human frailty we can laugh about, like your amusing post here, at least while we're not getting shot at. And that leads to the other stuff, which isn't funny. All very interesting though.

  4. I can understand your frustratiion, but please keep on with your focus! your blog is great as it is right now.

  5. I too rather enjoy the "grand strategy" approach.
    Remeber, amatuers talk tactics, proffessionals talk logistics

  6. I can see the appeal in big guns (I AM a man, after all ^^), but I agree with the others: Only because it's not all over the WWW, doesn't mean your blog doesn't have an impact.
    I mean, it's the same in other media. It's really no surprise that stupid run-of-the-mill reality shows and celebrity news get you more viewers/clicks than insightful documentaries.

    Sure, I disagree with your points of view sometimes, be it here or at WHQ, but at least I can be certain that your work is well-researched and thought-out.

    So, keep it up :).

  7. I enjoy the expertise with which you discuss doctrine and tactics, i wouldn't have it any other way.

    I often find the same thing, if i write about the linux or smartphones i get endless hits and links, whereas my efforts on peacekeeping forces and the like obviously appeal to a much smaller audience.

  8. Compared to strategy, hardware has a very narrow field of application. Your blog is valuable because the information really can be applied to many other fields of interest.
    The nice thing about studying war is that failure is severely punished in many circumstances, some times weeding out or at least exposing bad ideas or good ideas that are used in a wrong way.

    The essence is in the interpretation of the events by reading between the propaganda. Everyone can copy paste pictures and statistics.

  9. Well you could change the blog name to Sexy Blondes And Big Guns (subtlety is all!), and not change the subject matter at all :)

  10. Blondes are like sports cars to me; beautiful, but not sexy. I prefer dark hair.

  11. Other blog name could be Big Boobs and Big Guns!Just kidding.