Ship models: HMS Manchester

I'm thinking about soon building some ship models as a calm, relaxing hobby again. The glue and colours don't smell well and require an open window - and that's only a good idea till winter sets in.

My preferred idea is a 1:700 (20 cm) model of the HMS Manchester (D95).
I was always fascinated by its long foredeck (which was created by lengthening the Sheffield class). It's one of the most beautiful ships in my opinion. The newer clean, polygonal warship designs look boring to me.

Here are two beautiful photos of HMS Manchester:

Too bad: The 1:700 Revell model isn't on offer to date - I need to get it somewhere off a store shelf or in an online auction.


edit: I bought a 1:700 Revell model; 13 € incl. shipping on ebay.


  1. i never knew how wonderfull the manchester was to see but these photos show her in full glory ,, my dad was as bill strudwick he was injured in a attack and was in hospital when she went down ,he died in 1976 , bits of metal popped out of him every so often while he was alive

  2. THIS Manchester didn't sink. An earlier HMS Manchester sunk in '42.

  3. Hi! I have the same kit and I also bought Royal Navy Type 42 Destroyer Photo-Etch White Ensign Models - 1/700.

    I wonder if you have WIP photos?