"Who Says Dumb Artillery Rounds Can’t Kill Armor?"

Here's another article which I cited very often, a kind of mythbuster piece:

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By Major (Retired) George A. Durham
Field Artillery Journal, U.S.Army, Nov/Dec 2002

.(MBT demolished by indirect 155mm HE hit) 

edit 2015-11:
Additional (original) document on the topic, shown by a Swedish armor blog.

edit 2017-06:
A link to a OIF lessons learned presentation with the quote
"Much more effective against armor than effects tables say" about 155 mm HE

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  1. Thanks for reminding people about this article.

    The original field artillery publication (and article) is still available from Fort Sill http://sill-www.army.mil/firesbulletin/archives/2002/NOV_DEC_2002/NOV_DEC_2002_FULL_EDITION.pdf