Argentinians still seem to like low level flight...


Finally a decent fly-by. The only better ones I've seen were with propeller aerobatics aircraft.



  1. Hello Sven Ortmann,

    if you stop the film at 19 seconds,it appears to be about 1 metre altitude.
    There is a noticable line left on the ground behind it.


  2. Looks like the ground crew is going to have to scrub off the grass stains from the lower fuselage.

    That Pampa is quite an aircraft, designed and manufactured in Argentina too. At first I thought it was an A4 which broke a lot of pilots' hearts when they were decommissioned in the US Navy and Marine Corps back in the 80s. Then I thought maybe an AlphaJet which is also very maneuverable. Then I finally read the video title after wasting 5 minutes speculating.

  3. i hope they tore the wings of that pilot's suit afterwards

    that maneuver towards - and not crossing in front of - a group of spectators was utterly stupid and would have killed all spectators (even those who wisely started to run) in case of any problem

    if you need do do ultra low flybay the proper place is in foront of the spectators, flying a path parallel but offset to the line of viewers