Lecture on electronic warfare history


Admitted, at first I decided to post this (hat tip Boing Boing) with a snarky comment like 'You know you read too much when you see such a presentation and learned nothing!'.

Well, somewhere in the second half I finally found a few new info bits, too.
It's really a good presentation, and not nearly as boring as its duration implies.

And yes, I also found some glitches... 8-)


  1. good catch Svenn, what were the glitches?

  2. I recall mostly minor glitches.

    For example, "Focke-Wolf" instead of "Focke-Wulf", inaccurate description of daylight air combat, wrong assertion that by some date all German nightfighters had radar (Wilde Sau, Fernnachtjagd didn't use radar) and stuff like that.

    Overall, it sounds a bit as if the whole thing is well-researched, but the lecturer likely didn't amass the information out of interest for years.

    To be fair, I even find inaccuracies in some good museums. A German aviation museum does for example have a section about the Battle of Britain with a photo of 2 Bf 109 and 1 Ju 88 - all with yellow fuselage bands. These markings were introduced as standard markings for Eastern Front Luftwaffe aviation, long after said battle.

    You can find glitches everywhere, I'm sure this blog is full of them as well.