Blogspot has a nice bug; with certain settings you can see all recent links of other blogs to your blog when you look at the preview version of an unpublished text. This made me curious about which other blogs are linking to mine. It turned out that they're quite a few, and here's the list of blogs that link to me permanently (in the side column, not just in some blog post):

Me thinks this list is quite interesting and surprising. The political spectrum varies from left to unpolitical to undefined to right. And when I say "right", then I mean the U.S. right wing, which would be called names if it was in Germany.

The preferred topics of these blogs vary just as much; hardware blogs, news blogs, thinker blogs and agitator blogs are mixed.

Sometimes I cannot even figure out why they link to me; sometimes simply because I cannot even read their language.

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OK, this was another placeholder blog post without original thought. I promise, I'll improve.
These are the working titles for my existing text drafts:

"Camouflage concealment and deception progresses in the 20th century's German military"

"Barbarossa what ifs"

"On recruitment for software-based conflicts"

"Musings about conventional warfare on a Northeast Europe-like terrain"

"Public debt after a war with conscription"

"Some old aircraft"

"On the nature of non-battlefield electronic warfare / "cyber warfare""
"About the Watadas and Pfaffs in the world"

... and there's also a concept in my head about macroeconomic variables, military adventurism and priority-setting plus I'm still working on the RHS Giorgios Averoff and Finnish infantry tactics. The latter is only research, though. Damn that language barrier!



  1. Haven't seen the bug, but you can find that info as a feature. If you click on "Stats" in the Dashboard and then "Traffic Sources", you get all the info on who's referring to your blog.

  2. sven, people like me link to you because you have some interesting and thought provoking things to say

  3. "Sometimes I cannot even figure out why they link to me; sometimes simply because I cannot even read their language."

    Why Sven?

    Because you provide an enormous insight into the technical details of why armed forces are the way they are, and why they do what they do.

    Not least because you can make the layman understand how they are structured to achieve the goals they seek.

    I enjoy reading it, and feel that other people would likewise benefit from it.

    Kind regards


  4. I like your thoughts, and if your blog is linked, maybe you will have some more readers.

    Carry on!


  5. In an unrelated matter, I heard that the 'kinetic action' (lol) in libya is about to heat up big time. U.S units, too. 12,000 front line soldiers, with another 15,000 in support, to arrive by late october, early november.
    U.S special forces will form the vangaurd of the land invasion, arriving in libya sometime in july. Thats not me saying that, just internet buzz fed by this article: http://www.infowars.com/u-s-invasion-of-libya-set-for-october/
    What do you think of these rumors, sven?

  6. I've got it linked b/c I enjoy it, and thought our readers would, too.

  7. The US. presidential election campaigns are heating up, I don't think the beginning of the last year of a president's first term is a classic moment for a small war that's unpopular even at home.

    Besides; some Western special forces are apparently already in the country, training irregulars - just like some former regular Libyan army officers have begun to train the spray & pray hordes.

  8. Hi Sven (SO),

    Have tried to subscribe to your site (as for getting alerted for new things coming up)> Does not work
    ... have a look at Jedi's site (TD is good, but I don't think it provides alerts).


  9. That "Subscribe to" thing is standard blogger stuff, can't improve on it.

    It's not bad if you get some post late though. Most of them are not related to news and could have been written years earlier or years later as well.

  10. Did you ever find anything about Finnish infantry tactics? Anything worth publishing?

    1. Well, I published this

      Mostly I learned that they cook with water, too.

      The one outstanding Finnish thing compared to (most) Western peers is that they still pay attention to winter (snow) warfare for real. They don't merely deploy a few hundred troops to some exercise in Norway once in a while like the Germans, British and French. They think of winter as if winter warfare in deep snow was as likely as is summer warfare.


      I'm actually watching the weather reports these days to grab a nice image showing much of Eastern Europe below -20°C for a triumphant "I told you so" article. :-) I'll use the 7 Jan picture if no better one comes up.