Absurdity took over - long ago. Thoroughly so.

Going after AQ in a near-medieval landlocked Central Asian civil war country was unthinkable till everyone seemingly went mad.
Going after them in the Sahara, the epitome of a desert, is life ridiculing itself.

The biggest navy in the world, with aircraft carriers so big they should have their own postal code like a town, fears outboard engine boats.

Navies from many countries unit for the probably most multi-national task force. To patrol for years against "pirates" armed with man-portable weapons operating from shitty dhows. Nobody did anything about the handful of well-known coastal pirate villages, though.

Some military aviation programs run for so long, engineers who joined early on can retire before the new type has replaced its successor (if it ever does).

Western infantry hauls so much equipment, including armour, that a mounted medieval knight in full gear looks lightweight by comparison.

Hundreds of thousands of Western army and marine troops are busy doing superfluous occupation duties for a decade and (almost) nobody notices that this shows they were surplus all along.

Future generations will shake their heads and ask WTF happened to our brains, why did absurdity turn into reality?

S Ortmann

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