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About visitor statistics:
I give up. All three stats services disagree all the time, have fragmentary info and some of the stats are outright impossible. I suppose hundreds actual visitors visit this blog daily plus hundreds of robots and random visitors (from search engines). I'll never know much more accurate figures.

About upcoming posts:
I have a series on the theoretical foundation of military drones in the making. I'm dissatisfied with the prevailing hardware-centric writings on drones and want to look at the military theory substance. My progress is unsatisfactory so far (though better than run-of-the-mill articles on the subject IMO). Feel free to give me hints about existing conceptual/theoretical works on drones.
Also in the making:
"Dolchstoßlegende, assault infantry and modern personnel affairs"
(long, but still misleading title)
"Current Bundeswehr policy"
(about personnel affairs mostly)
"The espionage and data collection problem"
(this will be split up)
"Our addictions"
(against luxuries-dependence in Western military forces)
"Basic training catch up considerations"
(needs total rewrite)
"Future of Warfare in low GDP countries"
(has been a draft for months)
"Operational Planning Processes and Tactical Decisionmaking"
(has been a draft for months)
"Appropriate military strength requirements"
(has been a draft for months)
"Let's revert the outsourcing"
(has been a draft for months)
"Public debt after a war with conscription"
(has been a draft for years)
"The great irony of imperialism"
(has been a draft for years)
The rest of the 49 draft-status blog texts are unlikely to ever make it to publication.



  1. Just thought I would say one possible way of knowing the human factor about reading your blog is ask all to make a short comment. As for me I have been reading it for awhile and look forward to each post.
    Thanks for all the hard work.

    1. Thanks, but that's not how it works.
      It's not really important in the end anyway, for I have an intrinsic motivation to write.

  2. To get close to the drone approach, you already have a clue regarding what happens with the blog's statistics already : you can't use them.

    Another approach is observing what happens in such games/tournaments as Starcraft 2. The larger the number of possibilities, (mathematically) the much larger the combinations.

    Already during WW2 some objectives were somewhat bypassing the fight, such as the destruction of inhabited areas in Germany (and not so much the industrial capabilities, except for the proof-of-concept attack on Schweinfurt and the destruction of oil refineries one month prior to Overlord)

    Combining the two might result in situations very hard to monitor in real time. One example inspired by the BBC documentary "The day Britain stopped" (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=z6BxSbx1Fm0 )

    If you have a fleet of drone / robotic cars or trucks (such as the chemical trucjk in the documentary) you can precisely coordinate gridlocks and render the targets' internal communications into chaos (people could do this but they would have to be trained, they talk, and they're not always able or up to task ). You don't even have to declare a state of war : see it as a "warning" or something "diplomatic"...

    I'm not going into the manipulation of stock markets, but I'm mentionning it nonetheless to illustrate the multi-faceted nature of high technological threat.

    1. I actually have something similar in one of the texts already, as a far-fetched potential.