How the Ape Brain Assesses Risk



  1. I used to think this way too, but there are vital key differences between the last 2 frames of this supposedly "humorous" comic, and the preceding frames.
    I would characterize those key differences as consent and personal responsibility.

    Heart disease may kill many people, but eating chips and terrible foods is consented to.
    It is like the difference between consensual sex and rape. They might both involve penetration/oral/etc. but the presence or absence of consent makes all the difference between the two.

    Someone dying of diabetes because they really brought it on by terrible nutritional decisions is a matter of personal responsibility. To even remotely liken that to dying from the violent criminal actions of another person is truly astounding.

    1. Even if consent was the key; the Americans who went to Syria were consenting with the risk of such an endeavour, and likely more consciously than someone who drinks sugar water "soft Drinks" consents to the risk of Diabetes.

      Keep in mind part of the Point of the comic was that the deaths happened in a very, very distant country. It wasn't all about quantity and probability.