Against the language barrier

Let's tear down the language barrier a bit. These French official publications have been hidden behind it even though there actually are English versions available:

Réflexions tactiques (francaise)
Réflexions tactiques (English, editions published with delay)
Réflexions tactiques (special issues)
"This new edition will replace “Doctrine Tactique ” as of publication of the special issue on the Army doctrinal conference. It aims to provide an insight into how tactical-level doctrine is approached and applied within the French Army. Each issue focuses on a specific theme, and includes articles on personal experiences related to this theme. It is not a regulation doctrinal document."

Héraclés (francaise)
Héraclés (English, editions published with delay)
"A quaterly liaison tool for the Army doctrinal community launched in early 2004, HÉRACLÈS  disseminates information in the form of short articles and opens its pages to the thoughts of all of the Army on doctrinal matters – courses of action, organizations and procedures."

La doctrine des forces terrestres françaises (francaise)
Doctrine des Forces Terrestres Françaises (English, editions published with delay)
"The Forces Employment Doctrine Centre (CDEF) has decided to make available to the public part of the French Army’s official doctrine, with the aim of making this doctrine more well-known. This is in addition to the publication of the general readership journals, “Doctrine Tactique” and “Héraclès”.
This doctrine is shared in order to show how the French Army handles the ever-present issue of adapting to the reality of commitments and their environment, in a context of intense strategic transformation where crises have moved far from the battles between States to the clashes that occur within societies.
This dissemination comes at a time where major internal work is being carried out on doctrine. By incorporating the new parameters of current crises where the French Army is involved, this doctrinal work should help the Army develop its organization, choice of equipment and courses of action, combined with the dual demands of power and control of force.
The dissemination of these documents is destined for those carrying out research and reflection in the field of defense, both in the military and civilian environments, at home and abroad. It is also destined for anyone interested in the current challenges that arise from defense issues in a large country of the European Union." 

Les cahiers de la recherche (francaise)
The Doctrine Research Journal (English, hardly anything so far)

"The Cahiers de la Recherche doctrinale (The Doctrine Research Journal) are a key contribution to the French Army research on the present major operational issues. The articles of this journal are written up by the Military History Research Office of the Research and Lessons Learnt Department (Forces Employment Doctrine Center/CDEF). They are drawn up from real events considered from an historical angle, and they aim at providing unconventional approach and analysis elements as a supplement to conventional Lessons Learnt process. Their standards are the ones required by university publications in human sciences regarding strict methodology codes and freedom of research, and they are to be considered neither as official reports nor as staff documents."


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  1. You can also find "Fantassin", the (French) Infantry Branch journal in both English and French in a same issue.