[Fun] Satire against Islamophobes

Many people were driven into Islamophobia by propaganda and entertainment. I tried to push back against some of the more extreme misconceptions a couple years ago already, but the French produced a piece of satire on the topic that's so delicious, it deserves to be shown:

click on the image for the full length
click on the image for the full length!

It's too bad so much attention gets wasted on largely imaginary problems.



  1. Fox news' joke (PEGIDA’s joke) might cost Paris Tourism a few millions.
    Mrs HIDALGO's law suit is not a joke (?), there is no rivalry between brothers/sisters.
    She is the Mayor of the CITY OF PARIS (she's like the President/Queen of a small World Power) LOL.
    I thought Americans were NATO-allies? They are, but they also like to joke a lot.
    So Big Brother pays the bill! :-)
    'Oui Monsieur, en France, les Gentlemen paient pour les Dames.' ($$$hhh! Forget about feminism for now!) LOL.

    1. Caricature.
      On one hand, Fox news used it’s ‘Freedom of Expression’.
      If it was true or a joke or a caricature of Paris! :-)
      Who cares? It’s freedom of expression! No censorship! You laugh and turn the page to the next caricature.
      Otherwise you would be considered as a conservative follower of Pope Francis (http://www.huffingtonpost.com/2015/01/15/pope-francis-charlie-hebdo_n_6478104.html)
      There were 3.5 millions French citizens on the streets marching for the fundamental right of expression (they forgot the right to (a decent) life, but who cares).
      Why do you file a law suit against freedom of expression?
      Who’s next?
      - Dieudonné (http://www.lemonde.fr/societe/article/2015/01/14/apologie-du-terrorisme-dieudonne-place-en-garde-a-vue_4555652_3224.html), he is already in jail;
      - Noam Chomsky (http://edition.cnn.com/2015/01/19/opinion/charlie-hebdo-noam-chomsky/);
      - John Stewart on the January 2015 tragic events in Paris (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=QNg6AasjRm8)… [hurry, because they remove the vids at the speed of light]?

      We haven’t seen such a mobilization of the French population, since… even during the Nazi occupation in World War 2 (when all the basic human rights where denied to everybody, even to Germans)?

      On the other hand, some people would have to learn that freedom can hurt, at times, but it is never too serious up to the point to deny someone's right to life.
      Proportionality is: a caricature vs a caricature. It’s a children game and everybody laughs.
      Like John Stewart, get a pen-cil... :-)

    2. Libel, slander and defamation are exceptions to the freedom of expression in many countries.
      It remains to be seen whether any lawsuit will be filed at all, and on what legal basis.

      "FOX News" is not openly satire, though, nor was the segment marked as such. That's different with Jon Stewart. Chomsky didn't slander Paris in an economically relevant way ever.

      You're factually wrong on the "mobilization of the French population":
      "(...)May 1968 10 million workers took part in a general strike, occupied factories and brought the government of General Charles de Gaulle to its knees."

    3. The Strongest NATION

      Thanks for your comment.
      I am no legal expert, indeed 'Libel, slander and defamation' are some legal restrictions to the Freedom of expression.

      ‘FOX News is not openly satire’. They ‘false-flagged’ (in the grey area?) for a few minutes and they can go with it.

      De Gaulle on its knees? Hm! I would have called that an ‘orderly and strategic withdrawal from politics’ for a General. But he was indeed really affected. He still enjoys the best image in France.
      10 millions (May ‘68)/ 3.5 millions (January ‘15)/ 1.5 million for 1998 FIFA World Cup, I am not able to analyse those numbers in their respective contexts, sorry.

      With all this, I guess there would be no discount for the next trip to Paris?

  2. One can hardly call it an "imaginary" problem when in less than two generations many Western European countries have gone from very low rates of crime to crime rates higher than the United States. Once peaceful societies, which had mostly solved the problem of class conflict, now have American-style race and culture conflict which was completely unnecessary.

    Of course, the problem could be solved overnight by simply deporting all Mohammedans and other non-Europeans back to where they came from.

    1. There's no such country in Europe, unless one considers the pseudo-communist societies as having "very low (reported!) rates of crime" and having "mostly solved the problem of class conflict". And their change was unrelated to immigration.

    2. I don't really understand your reply, sorry.

      Are you saying there's no such country in Europe which once had a low reported rate of crime, or there's no country which today has a rate of crime higher than the United States?

      I'm also not sure what you're trying to say about class conflict, nor which changes you're saying are unrelated to immigration.

    3. The UK has high crime rates, but that began during the mid-90's, whereas the immigration rose to high levels only later. There's no simple causality.

      The British have had crappy economic policies for three decades. I would blame that for their troubles first and foremost.