Did anybody notice

... that the errorists struck one of the two countries with the most extreme mass surveillance and police powers in the EU?

Rational people ought to think about whether these measures are effective at all. Judging by their records, intelligence services may be snake oil sellers in the counter-terrorism field. The NSA with its gigantic budget can point at hardly any errorist plots foiled by its output.

As far as I know the only solid example was that some money sponsor was caught after transferring a couple thousand bucks.


P.S.: The gut reaction call for more intelligence services powers and activities in reaction to the Paris attacks reminds me of a certain saying about a definition of insanity.


  1. You wrote a pretty good analysis of the situation in Syria. Is it possible to write a similar paper about the objectives of Daesh?
    They very likely do want to be smithen in Iraq and Syria in order to gain more and stronger footholds by political respect all over the world. Unlike previous groups, this new one is able to keep some territorial control into a very long conflict. My guess is that continuation and escalation will make this a very massive future problem that is more than a flea. Don t feed the troll.

    1. Their objectives are difficult to observe, particularly from afar. I'm not stupid enough to be an insider.
      I may sooner or later write about Daesh's composition, though. They're more heterogeneous than portrayed usually.