UK Draft IP Bill

I saw little reason to consider the United Kingdom a free nation for years, but their government sure is working to make it ever more obvious.


original text:
Presented to Parliament
by the Secretary of State for the Home Department
by Command of Her Majesty
November 2015

Look, my intent with this blog was all along to treat domestic threats to freedom as well as foreign ones. The German society is doing a half-hearted job at keeping the authoritarians at bay, but the British don't even seem to try that little - their march into an ever less-free society is quite obvious.
Meanwhile, British folks on the usual corners of the internet have no difficulty obsessing about the defence of some remote islands or other marginal military topics, as if there was any substantial foreign threat to their country.

The City, MI5, MI6 and MoD appear to be served by the British people more than they serve them. If I was British I would prefer them to be in the slave position and the people in the master position, but that's the UK; they don't even call the people the sovereign, but an elderly woman with funny hats.


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  1. Sadly the security state is alive and well in all English speaking countries. Canada is, well, not a holdout exactly. A better way to describe it would be slow to adopt overly burdensome security measures. But it is still coming along. Britain and Australia seem to be the worst examples. I can sort of understand Britain because of the Northern Ireland troubles, Australia has no excuse.

    It is a sad thing when so many people across the world are linked by a common language and imprisoned by leaders who can more easily share terribly stupid ideas.