Hawkish wannabe politician generals

Western Generals have acquired a reputation for being rather anti-war than pro-war, knowing about the horrors of warfare. This is contrary to the warmonger caricatures from the Cold War.

This shows (once again) two things in my opinion:

(1) Warmonger generals need to be humiliated, fired and isolated ASAP, so no others will follow their steps in the future. Their protégées and direct subordinates at the staff need to be investigated and if tainted be ditched as well.

(2) Generals (and admirals) in the United States have become much too political. There's this assertion that the U.S. military is apolitical, though it's widely known that the majority of those troops who do vote prefers a certain party, following the demographics (above proportional recruiting of white Southern males).
Many flag rank officers are all but apolitical when it comes to budgeting for their service or to activities in the overseas regional commands / NATO. All-too often officers behave as if they were ambassadors or even some kind of foreign ministry state secretary stationed abroad.
I strongly advise against perpetuating this. It's a much smaller evil to leave diplomacy to politicians.


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