War doesn't work THAT well for Trump

I saw a seemingly viral picture claiming that Trump's bombing in Syria pushed his job approval ratings greatly, and the picture claimed that war works.

Well, I didn't jump on this and checked the supposed source and see - no, it didn't work, at least not like that. The job approval rating was not impressed by martial stunts. The people in the U.S. are not THAT stupid.

(The cruise missile strike happened on April 7.
The MOAB stunt happened on the last day of the shown graph only.)


P.S.: I won't show you the pic with the fake claims. The mere exposure to a visualised lie already stands a chance of leaving an imprint in memories.


  1. Syria attack was one-off. Pentagon probably wanted to increase the political pressure on North Korea, not to wage war. So now Donald the Duck has to invent another weapon of mass distraction.

  2. No, war doesn't work that well for Trump. But virtually nothing else works for him at all. Expect more strikes when he needs a quick dose of compliments.

  3. You mean: "War doesn't work that well if YOU'RE the aggressor."