[Deutsch] Glenn Greenwald im Interview „Die Bundesregierung stellt die Beziehungen zu den USA über die Privatsphäre“


Wie bewerten Sie das Agieren der Bundesregierung in der NSA-Affäre?
Zuerst hat die deutsche Regierung nur so getan, als sei sie etwas verärgert. Da ging es auch erst mal „nur“ um das Ausspähen der deutschen Bevölkerung. Erst als die Kanzlerin persönlich betroffen war durch das Abhören ihres Handys, wurde der Ärger real. Das stört mich schon sehr. In Brasilien war das ähnlich. Da veröffentlichten wir auch erst Dokumente über das Ausspähen der Bevölkerung und dann über die Politik, und auch dort reagierte die Regierung erst, als sie selbst betroffen war. Jetzt, denke ich, will die Bundesregierung schon Schutz für die eigene Kommunikation und die der Bevölkerung, aber sie geht nicht viel Risiko ein, um diesen Schutz zu bekommen. Sie stellt die Beziehungen zu den USA über die Privatsphäre der eigenen Bevölkerung. Aber man muss auch sagen, dass die deutsche Politik zumindest klare Worte gefunden hat, um die amerikanische Überwachung zu kritisieren. (...)
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  1. This scandal really illustrates how little the US cares about Germany's actual interests as opposed to its ability to continue to influence German policy. It also illustrates the shamefull weakness of German politicians in the face of what really does constitute an incredible outrage committed by an ally. The US has faced no real consequences in its relationship with Germany as a result of the complaints of the German government, and it's inconceivable that we would. We haven't even promised to stop gross violations of the rights of German citizens, and it's naive to think our garuntees in regards to your Chancellor are worth anything at all. Your goverment has shown itself to be little better than a puppet government of the US. Can you even imagine an offense that would rouse the Bundesregierung to any real action against the Americans?

    I've discussed this at length with Germans before, and most seem too ashamed to acknowledge the extent of their Unterwürfigkeit. This isn't to say that your relationship with the US isn't for the most part a positive one, but you really do need to assert yourselves against our influence. Pretending that you're our equals to make yourselves feel better won't guilt us into treating you with respect. Start with making noise about your gold reserves we've probably sold off and are reluctant to repatriate.

    To my mind Germany has a great deal of bargaining power with respect to the US, yet you never come close to exercising it in your national interest. WWII ended a long time ago, as did the Cold War for that matter. You no longer need to prostrate yourselves before Washington.

    1. The problem is a perfect storm in the German government.

      * Transatlantic friendship is rated immediately behind Franco-German friendship and European unification in the CDU's foreign policy ideology.

      * The CDU is conservative and the SPD is merely its former right wing (left wing departed for Die LINKE), very similar to the CDU. Actual conservatives rarely do anything extreme. Their credo is 'no experiments'. A departure from established foreign policy patterns towards a fierce stand on liberty is incompatible with this.

      * The CDU (and its Bavarian sibling, CSU) is the prime pro-intelligence collection part in Germany. It has thus the worst starting position for making a stand against espionage and surveillance.

      * The other coalition party, SPD, ranks #2 in all three points.

      As in so many other topics, the grand coalition looks like the worst possible coalition.