[Blog] Quick info

I have repeatedly announced that I'll keep blogging activity moderate - and still keep having months with 20+ posts.

The average 2014 blog post isn't really comparable to the average one from 2009-2011, though:
This May only three blog posts were of the elaborate kind, and in April there were only two. March: two. The others are the product of 5-15 minutes effort only and rarely based on something I had thought about for a long time before.

So if you want to read elaborate, good quality texts, you better make use of the archive on the left. The labels should be especially handy.

It feels to me for the first time in years as if the backlog of topics to write about is shrinking, not growing. Most of the good stuff was already written about. Defence and Freedom is moving more towards recent topics (such as Ukraine nowadays) and "Fun"-tagged blog posts because I really don't make stuff up quicker than I write it. That is, stuff that I don't reserve for my still lingering book project and don't hold back to avoid misuse.



  1. Any updates on your book progress?

    1. Not much. I'm probably too perfectionist on it.
      I'll have another time window for working on it in late July/August.

    2. Remember that you have a good sized audience who might be willing to assist you in getting that book published. Crowd sourcing is an effective tool that you shouldn't shy away from.

    3. The steps AFTER the first complete draft aren't the issue. The issue is the stagnant 60% state of said first draft.
      I lost a lot of motivation when I rearranged and rewrote some out-of-control chapters and it takes a lot of confidence/arrogance to complete a book with so many deviations from the mainstream thought.