Tracks vs. wheels: Point for tracks



  1. Since I've seen that the first time I just wonder if anybody checked that barricades for traps (explosives or otherwise).

    At least if I was in the "opposition" I'll hide a couple of 'Czech hedgehogs' in a pile of stuff the next time. Not to mention the supposed Russian Speznas operating there surely brought a couple of remote demolition charges...

    1. People usually resort to barricades because they have nothing better at hand.
      Besides, recce was simple there. Plenty civilians, so easy recce by civilian policemen et cetera. The BMP column leader obviously knew what he was going to encounter.

    2. No, that's projecting professionalism onto a force with severe problems. It's quite possible the typical East Slav "Don't give a fuck; fate has decreed what fate has decreed" attitude manifested there, and it happened to work out this time. This sort of thing fails in other videos, for instance one of the Maidan crowd immobilizing and burning a BTR that tried the same thing; but as you say, tracks > wheels.