[Fun] with election posters

... successful in Europe.

The usual question when I post things as this is to wonder what's the connection to "Defence and Freedom".

Well, the NSA is known to violate well-established basic rights of Germans and the ruling coalition and cabinet led by Mrs. Merkel do squat about it. They could (at least close NSA facilities and expel NSA personnel and surplus embassy personnel), but they don't even try. In fact, they didn't bother to even raise their voice until it became public knowledge that the NSA had even intercepted Merkel's phone calls from a party-owned mobile phone.

So this is totally a topic about the defence of freedom against an external threat. It's appalling that this threat nominally is an ally. Then again, maybe we are allied because the whole 'threat' thing might become excessive otherwise.


P.S.: I've noticed how certain milbloggers only "discover" important topics once they're in the headlines, obvious to everyone not living in a cave. I did actually write about this surveillance issue almost five years ago already.

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