Sino-Singapore joint training exercise

" The eight-day exercise in Nanjing, China from Nov 2-9 will involve around 70 personnel each from the SAF and the PLA."

China Defense Blog

I can't tell who's who on such photos because

(a) I don't know those countries' uniforms

Singapore is at one gate between Indian and Pacific Ocean, so I suppose such cooperation between these countries should be of interest to people who pay attention to East Asian and Indian Ocean security affairs and geostrategy.



  1. Based on the weapons the "green guys" should be from Singapore.
    [The left most aims an SAR-21 variant and the right most an Type 95/QBZ-95 variant]

  2. Singapore also has basically its entire airforce training operation running on Australian soil. It is well known that Singapore cooperates with every major and many minor lowers in its area, and is very conscious not to take sides, running an old school realist policy approach. Ethnic links are misleading in this regard.

  3. As a Singaporean, I won't dwell on this too much on open fora but the ethnocultural links between China and Singapore shouldn't be overstated. Recognized, surely, but it should be placed in the context of Southeast Asian geography and history as well.

    Also, that's a hell of a posed shot.

  4. The ethnic link is probably no great deal for Singaporeans, but the current brand of Chinese nationalism and egocentrism could soon redefine Singapore as China's key and outpost to the Indian Ocean, complete with Zheng He portrait in the background.

  5. Good point there. There's been quite the attempt to leverage on what soft power the Chinese diaspora has, with cultural outreaches (programs on CCTV aired), gifts of pandas and what not. We'll see how this goes.

    We'll see how successful that is.

    1. Gifts of pandas, we already have Cro in Germany, do we need more pandas?