Ukraine’s wake-up call for NATO


"For years leaders of this Baltic state were an irritant at NATO meetings, insisting to eye-rolling ambassadors from Western Europe that Vladimir Putin’s Russia was a revanchist power bent on destabilizing and dominating its neighbors. Now they voice grim satisfaction that what was once dismissed as paranoia has become the West’s conventional wisdom."
Washington Post

Oh, really?

Just imagine this; there were people who were actually being paid for writing about how COIN is the future blah blah blah for years. Then - only when the relevance of Eastern European issues became undeniable even to casual TV news watchers - these pundits finally woke up and now they're all interested in evil Russia. They now earn their living with writing, presenting and talking about Eastern Europe defence issues.

They're not REALLY interested in the subject matter, though. I wouldn't read so many hysterical articles about Russian military strength if they were interested in Russia's actual military power, much less if they paid attention to its relative military power. Instead, they're now paying attention to Russia because it's where the money and attention is. It's not about content first.

This reminds me of what I've observed among business consultants: The ones with the biggest paychecks are the biggest marketers of their services, not the ones with the best services. In fact, the best-earning ones usually depend almost entirely on the work of others when it comes to actually delivering something to the client.


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